Fall Consulting Projects

WeChat (2017)

Understand the perceptions, user flow, and pain points of US millennials aged 16-25 towards WeChat’s messaging app. The team should draw insights from the data to inform necessary product feature improvements, targeted brand messaging, and a slogan to rebrand WeChat as a global brand.


We are highly appreciative that the team has put great effort and dedication into such a detailed analysis. They exceeded our expectation in this project. The team has developed structured conclusions and findings, and provided fresh ideas which are beneficial to our current market strategies.

Shirley Deng, Business Development Manager, Wechat US

MissionU (2017)

Understand how MissionU can better engage with students upon graduation, and provide strategic recommendations on how to continue and maintain these alumni relationships in the short and long term.


I was blown away by the professionalism and creativity of the group, and we plan to implement several of the ideas presented.

Adam Braun, CEO and Co-Founder

imagiCal never ceases to impress, always going above and beyond

Brian Ratajczak

Airbnb (2016)

Understand the severity of pain points in Airbnb’s current full upfront payment process and determine the strategic focus of product solutions to ease these pain points.


We used some of the imagiCal team’s research and insights to built a pilot program for a new payment system which got picked up by the press! Thanks for all the hard work.

Brian Wey, Payments Product Lead

National Student Advertising Competition

Snapple (2016)

Create a dual-strategy, integrated marketing campaign to grow and shape Snapple’s trademark image into a brand that is relatable to both Heartland and non-Heartland consumers.


  • NSAC District 14 Regional Competition - 1st Place
  • NSAC National Competition - 6th Place

Pizza Hut (2015)

Increase the share of digital pizza orders to 75% by the end of 2015


  • NSAC District 14 Regional Competition - 2nd Place

Mary Kay (2014)

Increase awareness, consideration and positive perception of Mary Kay for female millennials within the United States.


  • NSAC District 14 Regional Competition - 1st Place
  • NSAC National Competition - 5th Place


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